See beyond.
Beyond obstacles.
Beyond convention.
Beyond disabilities.

We support the development of person-driven services for people with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives.

Now more than ever, your support ensures the people we serve continue to be heard, valued, and honored. You can make meaningful lives a reality by donating today!

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Our innovative, customized services are founded upon the belief that every person has a voice. We honor the strengths, hopes, and dreams of every person we support, and their unique needs drive everything we do. This fund enables the people we serve to live in their own homes, participate in their communities, receive the mental health care they need, experience opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment, and find rewarding careers.

Expands opportunities for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to enhance and ensure their ability to deliver the highest quality support possible. Investing in them is investing in a group of people who choose careers of service and sacrifice. It helps them see a path forward by enhancing their skills and education and providing opportunities for advancement.

Ensures the most vulnerable children and young adults in South Africa receive the critical therapies, life skills, and emotional support they deserve. This program also supports life-saving training for caregivers as well as job-preparation and entrepreneurial skill development for young adults. Through partnerships and collaboration, raising awareness, and identifying needs, this fund is strengthening intellectual disability services in South Africa.

These gifts are directed toward specific areas where your support can have an immediate impact.